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1997 Hyundai Elantra Base


Please take a look at or current  Inventory, you will find  Auto Sales 1, Inc. – Sell  quality used Honda and Toyota cars .   Our primary focus is Civics and Corolla, and economical reliable vehicles.  We strive to sell you a quality dependable vehicle which will serve your needs for years to come.  When you look at vehicle which has been repaired, if you can see what has been repaired, it is not a quality repair job.  If the check engine light, ABS-{brake  and traction Control}, SRS -{airbag deployed or seatbelt or airbag not functioning}, and the person you are purchasing your car from tells you that it is an easy fix.  Ask yourself the following question, if it was such an easy fix, why did they not fix the problem?

Read what customers have to say about us. Facebook, Google,, Merchant Circle, Yelp {you have to look for the hidden reviews, according to yelp, if a business don’t advertise with them, your reviews, will not meet there recommend criteria’s and will not be visible} , Angie’s List.  We don’t sell our vehicle based on a price point, we strive to sell you a reliable vehicle.

In this economy, common sense tells us to budget, meaning that it is easier to budget for a car payment than to budget for a repair when it will not increase the value of a car.  In our repair business, a customer will buy a car that is valued between 3-5 thousand dollars, and within several months have to spend a lot of money to do maintenance items like timing belt and water pump, brakes, motor mounts, shocks and struts, tires and in worse case, engine and components and/or transmission.  All these repairs cost are sunk costs, and will not increase the value of the vehicle.  After fixing one item, you will have to move down the list every other The bad thing about it is: the list will never end.  Eventually, a person like  this will be throwing good money after bad, meaning, you will convince yourself that that if you just fix the next thing which is wrong with the car, everything will be alright.  I have had customers who have bought a $3000 car with 150000 mile on it, spend $2500 to put an engine, and come ask for us to replace a failing transmission (cost $1800).   It is hard to be brutally honest, because after replacing the transmission the car will still be worth $3000.  Had they just put the money they are going to spend towards a newer vehicle such as a  quality used Honda or Toyota vehicle we offer for sale.

On our vehicles, offer a 3 months or 3000 miles standard warranty .  We pride ourselves that we Auto Sales 1, Inc. -Sell quality used Honda or Toyota vehcile.  The vehicles we sell are serviced by us, and we will gladly continue servicing then after you have purchased one from.  Our repair business is 1 Stop Auto Care, Inc.   1 Stop Auto Care, offer a limited lifetime warranty on all collision repair, and vendor specific warranty on mechanical warranty.  Dealer parts have a 6 months parts warranty, used parts have a 30 day parts warranty, new parts supplied by NAPA Auto Parts offers a 2 year or 24,000 miles warranty parts and labor warranty.

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